About us

CIEFFELED means a revolutionary idea which had its origin when the use of LED technology on the professional lightning was still at its very beginning, in the middle of last decade.Nowadays it stands out given its successful history, reached thanks to our passion and to our great entrepreneurial strategies, always bearing ambitious aims in mind.Everything we design and produce is tailored on our customers’ requests and needs, and our main objective is to meet their expectations.Over time we acquired a solid experience on the Custom sector and on applied technology which leads us through a continuous strive for innovation in order to develop the led technology and make it suitable for every requirements.
CIEFFELED is a workshop where ideas get shaped and are realized in order to make LED lights technology capable of enlightening different spaces, both at home and in the workplace  giving dynamism and brightness to every atmosphere. We provide services to a wide range of costumers, such as professional technicians, architects, designers and also private clients. This is possible thanks to our ability to listenm to understand and most of all meet our’s customer’s needs.
CIEFFELED  suppliers are ones among the most skilled and qualified in this  sector, coming from all over the world: from Germany, Austria, China, United States and Italy. This feature of internationality is not only extremely useful to get always new and different inputs, but it also enhances our creativity, always bearing in mind our tradition and national identity. As a matter of fact every single product  we create is permeated with Italian essence.
CIEFFELED has given birth to the LED COMPONENTS department with the aim of developing products based on LED technology. Over time the development and production department has constantly expanded: this is happening because we strongly believe  that it is of primary importance to strive for improvement, in order to make us able to offer always better solutions as far as it concerns products and delivery time. The orders are usually delivered within 1-2 weeks.
Moreover CIEFFELED creates electronic components tailored ad hoc ojn specific needs for the management of RGB colour model and power LEDs.

The company’s key factors are:

  • Custom supplying
  • Flexibility in our production
  • Trustworthiness and quality of our products
  • Strive for development
  • Impulse to the “Made in Italy”
  • Investments in Research and Development




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